Lluky Gallery - World of Photography by Cristel Brouwer

Welcome to the world of photography, Lluky Gallery!

One of my biggest passions in life is, next to my horse, photography. Iíd love to bring the ideas in my head to life and bring the passion and emotion back on film. My idea of a good picture, is a picture that tells a story; it doesnít need explanation by itís creator.

As a photographer I work for Revolver's Lust for Life magazine, MaM Agency, Music Maker, 55 Live (Classics in Rock, Christmas Metal Symphony) and fashion store Bins in Voorschoten. Check them out when you're done surfing mine ;-)

If you see any errors, can't find the picture you're looking for or just want to contact me, feel free to email me at cris@llukygallery.nl

All the best,

Cristel Brouwer

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