Lluky Gallery - World of Photography by Cristel Brouwer

Welcome to the world of photography, Lluky Gallery!

Since I was little I always had 2 big passions: horses and photography.

My first passion: horses

I started horsebackriding when I was 7 and I still love it. In 1999 I bought my first horse, named Zanora. Unfortunately she died a year later and a one year old funny Andalusian stallion walked into my life: Lluky!

My second passion: photography

My other passion is photography. Since I was little my interest in photography has been there. My father says it runs in the family as he had taken classes for photography. I started working with a camera when I got a job at Robert-Fleury Stichting in 2003. They asked me to take a few pictures for their magazine with their camera and after shooting my first sessions I was hooked. Soon I found out that my creative ideas didn’t fit the camera they used at Robert-Fleury Stichting and that I had to buy my own.

I used to practice a lot on my horse Lluky. Because he is still young and has a free spirit, it's very hard to take his picture. You have to be very creative to take a good picture. This style I still use when doing promoshoots, concert photography, wedding photography and other sorts of photography. That explains all about the difficult name of my site, Lluky Gallery.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy taking pictures!

All the best,

Cristel Brouwer

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